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Haa Alif Atoll

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The channels within the Haa Alif Atoll in the Maldives distinguish themselves from the rest of the region with their wider yet shallower nature. This unique characteristic results in reduced currents, making it an ideal diving location for beginners. Here, novice divers can progress their skills and partake in the exhilarating experience of drift diving alongside sharks in the atoll's channels.

Towards the southwest lies the Filadhoo Wreck, resting at a mere depth of 46 feet (14 meters). Adorned with an array of both soft and hard corals, the wreck is encircled by table coral, while groups of groupers, snappers, and fusiliers gracefully navigate its structure. Occasionally, eagle rays swoop around the hull reminiscent of fighter jets in classic war movies. If fortune smiles upon you, you may even encounter a whitetip reef shark patrolling the area.

For more advanced divers, the dive site known as Heaven and Hell awaits exploration. This captivating dive encompasses a thila (submerged island) that commences at a depth of 59 feet (18 meters) and boasts some of the atoll's most stunning corals. As you descend to 90 feet (30 meters), the reef reveals its magnificent overhangs adorned with a vibrant array of blue, pink, yellow, and green soft corals. Turtles gracefully glide above you, and if luck is on your side, an occasional manta ray may grace your presence.

Situated in the heart of the atoll is the Ihavandhoo channel, accompanied by a shallow thila located at a depth of 15 feet (5 meters). The pinnacle of this thila serves as a cleaning station, attracting mantas when the currents align favorably. The top reef showcases an abundance of soft corals and teems with captivating macro life. At a depth of 59 feet (18 meters), lobster-adorned overhangs exhibit patterns resembling humbugs, adding to the visual allure of this underwater paradise.