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Shaviyani Atoll

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Shaviyani Atoll, located in the Maldives, is a paradise for diving enthusiasts, offering breathtaking underwater experiences and a diverse range of marine life. One of the must-visit dive sites in this atoll is Lupo Thila, a small reef that caters to divers of all levels.

As you descend into the crystal-clear waters of Lupo Thila, you'll be greeted by an awe-inspiring spectacle of marine biodiversity. Schools of batfish, jacks, and barracuda gracefully swim around the reef, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere. But the true highlight of this dive site lies in its encounters with various shark species. Silvertip sharks, grey reef sharks, and white tip sharks can be spotted here, adding a thrilling element to your underwater adventure. If luck is on your side, you may even catch a glimpse of the elusive guitar sharks, making your dive all the more extraordinary. The reef itself is a fascinating sight, starting at a depth of 5 meters and descending beyond 30 meters, providing ample exploration opportunities for divers of different skill levels.

Another remarkable dive site in Shaviyani Atoll is Ekasdhoo North, a location suitable for divers of all proficiencies. This dive site, situated on the eastern end of the atoll, boasts an impressive array of corals, including majestic table corals and delicate staghorn corals. The vibrant coral formations create a picturesque underwater landscape that is sure to leave you in awe.

What sets Ekasdhoo North apart from other dive sites is the opportunity to encounter nurse sharks during your exploration. Within the overhangs of this dive site, nurse sharks can often be found in peaceful slumber during the day. Observing these graceful creatures in their natural habitat is an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Whether you are a novice diver or an experienced enthusiast, Shaviyani Atoll has something to offer for everyone.