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Welcome to Noonu Atoll, a diver's paradise filled with breathtaking dive sites and incredible underwater experiences. Located in the Maldives, Noonu Atoll offers a variety of dive sites catering to divers of all levels. Let's explore some of the must-visit dive sites and the conditions you can expect.

Christmas Rock is a pinnacle dive that will leave you in awe. Suitable for divers of all levels, this dive site features a large pinnacle resembling a Christmas tree. You'll encounter plateau's, ledges, arrow-shaped rocks, and swim-throughs adorned with beautiful coral reefs. The top reef starts at 3 meters and leads to a thila at 14 meters, eventually dropping down to more than 30 meters. Prepare to be amazed by the abundant marine life, including both mega fauna and macro species.

For an unforgettable encounter with sharks, head to Miyaru Thila. This pinnacle dive is situated in the middle of the atoll and attracts grey reef sharks, leopard sharks, guitar sharks, and eagle rays. Divers of all levels can enjoy this site, where you'll witness the mesmerizing dance of these majestic creatures.

Orimas is a medium-sized thila renowned as a grey reef shark cleaning station. The best views are from the channel, where you can witness the sharks being cleaned. Alongside the sharks, expect to encounter leopard and guitar sharks, as well as barracuda, snappers, and stingrays. This site offers a unique opportunity to observe marine life in its natural habitat.

When diving in Noonu Atoll, you can generally expect warm waters with excellent visibility, typically ranging from 20 to 30 meters. The diverse marine ecosystem, vibrant coral reefs, and the abundance of marine life make Noonu Atoll a dream destination for underwater enthusiasts.