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North Male' Atoll

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North Male', is a diver's paradise, boasting breathtaking underwater vistas, vibrant marine life, and exciting diving opportunities. Its crystal-clear azure waters, rich coral reefs, and diverse aquatic ecosystem make it a must-visit for those seeking an unforgettable underwater adventure.

Below are a few dive sites our team will frequent.
Banana Reef: Renowned for its exceptional biodiversity, Banana Reef boasts a horseshoe shape adorned with a vibrant array of corals, including vivid soft corals, barrel sponges, and gorgonian fans.
Kuda Giri Wreck: Serving as an artificial reef, the sunken cargo ship, Kuda Giri wreck, hosts a lively marine community. Lionfish, moray eels, and snappers are among the diverse inhabitants.
Aquarium: Situated on the northern corner of the outside reef, Aquarium teems with reef fish around coral blocks. Moray eels and white-tip reef sharks are commonly seen, alongside rays and other captivating marine life.
H.P. Reef: Impressive in its coral reef formations, H.P. Reef features caves and crevices that attract strong currents. Schools of trevallies, jack, barracuda, and more are drawn to this site. Frequent visitors include eagle rays and grey reef sharks.
Lankan Manta Point: Internationally recognized for its mantas, Lankan Manta Point offers cleaning stations on coral rocks. Manta rays gather to be cleaned by cleaner wrasse, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. To ensure these graceful creatures aren't disturbed, maintaining a respectful distance is advised.
Bodu Hithi Thila: With a depth ranging from 8 to 25 meters, Bodu Hithi Thila showcases a captivating reef dive. Schools of fusiliers, tuna, groupers, and sweetlips thrive here. At 17 meters, a cave reveals its secrets, and white-tip reef sharks can be spotted on the sandy bottom. This versatile site is ideal for divers of varying expertise levels.

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