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South Ari Atoll

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Dive into South Ari Atoll's extraordinary underwater realm, home to the renowned Maamigili, a sanctuary within the South Ari Maldives Protected Area (SAMPA), which offers an extraordinary underwater experience filled with remarkable encounters and diverse marine life. SAMPA is renowned for its abundant population of Whalesharks and serves as a dedicated sanctuary for their conservation and protection. The area's rich feeding grounds attract Whalesharks, providing researchers and divers with a unique opportunity to study and appreciate their beauty in their natural habitat. After enjoying the company of these majestic creatures, divers can explore the vibrant reef, hoping for another glimpse of the magnificent Whalesharks.

Another notable dive site in the area is Dhigurah Thila, located at a depth of 10m to 30m. This site stands out as the largest thila in the channel, extending approximately 500m in length. The northeast side of Dhigurah Thila offers the best diving opportunities, where divers can navigate through fascinating overhangs, caves, and witness impressive schools of marine life. Sharks, jacks, angelfish, tuna, and captivating schools of fusiliers are commonly encountered, creating a memorable underwater experience.

For those seeking a picturesque dive, Kudurah Thila provides a captivating adventure. With depths ranging from 14m to 25m, this dive site showcases a stunning reef top at 14m, leading to sharp drop-offs at 20m and 25m. Divers can explore a canyon and a cave and, if conditions allow, swim around the impressive 80m long thila. The site is adorned with magnificent seafans, soft corals, and a thriving marine ecosystem. However, it's important to note that Kudurah Thila is known for its strong currents, making it more suitable for experienced divers.